An Interactive Educational Gaming Platform for


Runs on your Smartphone / Tablet.

Use Leamo educational toys to play and learn.

Different activities based on language, math, creative story telling & more!

See it in action!

"From what we’ve seen, it’s a fantastic concept. Hook up your i-Device to a big screen – such as the TV or a projector – and this app automatically identifies specially designed cards and uses them to give kids a thoroughly interactive kindergarten experience."


Leamo helps children develop, language, innovative thinking, interactive intelligence, creative thinking skills, psychomotor skills and reactive skills.

Leamo runs on your Smartphone/Tablet and easily connects to your Television set or Computer Monitor.

Leamo provides a platform to many applications based on language, math, creative story telling and many more!

We work hard to develop great educational applications for Leamo to make traditional classroom lessons fun and exciting for younger children in different age groups.

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